Resolution of the Delegates of the 3rd World Forum of Rusyn Youth

23 June 2007, Maramorosh-Sighet

1. The delegates of the 3rd World Forum of Rusyn Youth (SFRM) as its most important task recognizes the admission of two new members, Rusyn youth organizations from Croatia and Romania.

2. We have taken the decision to create a website for the SFROM which would function as a press agency. And this activity will fall to groups of young people from various countries who will work on the website.

3. SFRM at its plenary meeting elected its president - Slavko Zahirsky of Poland and vice-president - Alena Blykhova of Slovakia.

4. SFRM unanimously expressed its appreciation that the president or the vice-president are now able to take part in meetings of the World council of Rusyns, with voting rights.

5. The work of the SFRM at its first meeting resolved that its next meeting will be held in the fall of 2007 in Presov in Slovakia.

Photo: President of the World Council of Rusyns Paul Robert Magocsi with the new president of the Council of the World Forum of Rusyn Youth Slavko Zahirsky of Poland and Vice-President Alena Blykhova of Slovakia.

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Anonymous said...

A Jewish-Khazar/Sephradic as President of the Rusyn Youth? Are you kidding me?