Orthodox Ruthenians protest against American NMD in Transcarpathia

Uzhgorod, July 16, Interfax - The Ruthenians oppose plans to set up American NMD in Rovna and Stoj planes, the Ruthenian leader Archpriest Dimitry Sidor, speaker of the Sojm (Ruthenial national assembly) and rector of the Holy Cross cathedral in Uzhgorod, said.

'Most Ruthenian groups decided to campaign for declaring Transcarpathia demilitarized zone, where only hotels and sanatoriums may be built,' Fr. Dimitry told Interfax.

He said that in 1980s he protested against large radar constructed near Mukachevo, Transcarpathian Region.

'But how could I predict that Americans would come to replace the Soviets with their military bases!' he said.

Commenting the schism of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, the speaker of the Ruthenian Sojm said that the Ukrainian people 'really valued their belonging to the canonical Orthodoxy' and would never leave the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate 'regardless of any political processes in Ukraine.'

'The Ruthenians consider Filaret's schismatics as cultist who may be accepted into the Church only if they repent,' he said.

The Ruthenian language, he added, is very close to the Church Slavic, 'so we do not have the worship-language problem that is known in Russia and especially in Ukraine.'

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vasil-Lemko-ukrainian said...

I think Rusyns, lemkos, boikos, and hutsuls should created their own autonomous region and create a defence force.

Thats my opinion :)