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From September 2005 to October 2006, 6 issues of the cultural-political magazine for youth MAK were published in Serbia.

MAK – Mladosc Aktivnosc Kretivnosc (Youth Activity Creativity) is a magazine for young Rusyns in Vojvodina, founded in the early 70s as a magazine for young communists. Today, MAK is one of the rare modern, sub-cultural Rusyn magazines.

In January 2006, MAK published its first sub-culture CD music compilation: "20th anniversary pop-rock music of Voiovodina's Rusyns".

In March 2006, MAK magazine start the literary series "MAKoff" and published its first book in Rusyn, "Triologija" (Triology). It is the first book of poetry by young Rusyns in 17 years.

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