World Congress of Rusyns VIII, Krynica Poland 2005

Resolution of the VII World Congress of Rusyns in Krynica, Poland, 25 June 2005.

  1. We call on those states where Rusyns live and which have not yet adopted a law on national minorities to adopt such a law and to provide sufficient funding as soon as possible.
  2. We call on the government of the Republic of Poland to recognize Akcja Wisla as being illegal and to correct its effects. Its 60th anniversary would be a good opportunity for this.
  3. With joy we recognize the democratic changes which have taken place in Ukraine since the end of 2004 and call on the highest institutions to recognize Rusyns as an independent nationality as has been done in other democratic states in Europe.
  4. We call on the states where Rusyns live to help prepare a professional cadre of Rusyn language teachers.
  5. We call on the faculties of Rusyn language and literature in Krakow, Novi Sad, Nired’hazi and the institute in Prešov to cooperate more closely and to institutionalize academic exchange among their students.
  6. We require the organizers of the next World Congress of Rusyns to organize within the framework of the next congress a scientific conference.
  7. We accept as a regular member of the World Congress of Rusyns the Rusnak organization of Rusyns in Croatia.
  8. We praise the election of a new World Council of Rusyns, whose members are: Paul Robert Magocsi (North America) – chairman; Georgij Fircak (Romania) – vice-chairman; Andrij Kopča (Poland); Anna Kuzmjakova (Slovakia); Ahata Pilatova (Czech Republic); Djura Papuga (Serbia and Montenegro); Fr. Dimitrij Sydor (Ukraine). We also praise the appointment of Aleksander Zozuljak (Slovakia, non-member of the congress) as secretary of the World Council of Rusyns.
  9. In connection with the fact that at the 8th World Congress of Rusyns there was no delegation from Hungary aside from one member, we require the newly-elected World Council of Rusyns to meet with the members of that delegation before 31 December 2005 at which point they will elect their representative to the World Council of Rusyns.
  10. We praise and entrust the Cultural Society of Rusyns in Romania to organize the 9th World Congress of Rusyns in Siged in 2007.
  11. We praise the change to the statute of the World Congress of Rusyns, article 3, chapter A, point 2, to read: “Regular members of the World Congress of Rusyns can be Rusyn organizations registered in their home state. Honorary members of the World Congress of Rusyns can be other Rusyn organizations and individuals accepted by a majority of votes by members of delegations at the World Congress of Rusyns.” Also chapter B, point 2, to read: “The newly-elected World Council of Rusyns at its first meeting will elected from among its members a chairman and vice-chairman by a simple majority of votes. Aside from this, seek out a secretary and treasurer from outside of its membership, and appoint them by acclamation of a simple majority of World Council of Rusyns members. If they are not members of the World Council of Rusyns, they do not have the right to vote.” Also chapter B, point 3 to read: “The chairman, vice-chairman and secretary of the World Council of Rusyns.”
  12. We require the newly-elected World Council of Rusyns to take up the following challenges:
    a. To make contact with such international organizations as the United Nations, the Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
    b. To create a website for the World Congress of Rusyns (in Rusyn and in English) with its international addresses and information submitted by members of the Congress concerning their activities and problems affecting all Rusyns.
    c. To make contact with representatives of the governments and highest institutions of those countries in which Rusyns live, and to inform them about problems affecting Rusyns.
    d. To cooperate and publish on the World Congress of Rusyns website a calendar of Rusyn cultural events.
    e. To request financial assistance for cultural and publishing activities of the World Congress of Rusyns from international organizations and foundations.
    f. To help in organizing the third International Congress of the Rusyn Language, in Krakow in 2006.
    g. To unite and inform (through the internet and post) those interested in economic cooperation with Rusyn entrepreneurs.

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