Lemko band Serencza

Serencza means luck

Roman Dzubina, Kurier Gorlicki, No. 3/2003 (112), March 2003. Page 5.

The article profiles the Lemko band Serencza. The band's name is a Lemko archaism meaning "luck," and was formed in the fall of 1997 by Roman Korbicz, Piotr Kwolka and Mirko Trochanowskij. The group plays Lemko folk music, but with a twist - they rework the songs into a variety of styles, from ancient to classical to even Irish.

Serencza has performed at the Vatras in Zdyna and Michalowa, at the VII Festival of Ukrainian Culture Podlaska Jesien 98 in Punsk and at various festivals around Poland. They have also been featured on TV Polonia, both nationally and regionally.

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