Youth for European Nationalities

Youth for European Nationalities is an union of European Youth Associations. Each member organisation represents one of Europe�s minorities and they are joined in their aim to work for the interest of minorities. Together we strive after the creation of a dynamic and vital network of minority youth associations in a multicultural and polyglot Europe. In the focus of attention is in this perspective the preservation and development of the culture, language and rights of the minorities.

At the time 21 youth organisation participate in the network, amongst others the Frisians in the Netherlands, the Danes in Germany, the Germans in Hungary, the Finnish in Sweden, the South Tyroleans, the Rhaeto Romans in Switzerland, the Croats and Slovenes in Austria, the Hungarians in Romania and the Germans in Russia.

Accordingly YEN is the largest, non governmental umbrella organisation for European minorities / nationalities. Moreover we have contacts with over 30 further minority organisationsand groups.

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