Young Rusyns of North America, Unite!

A recently formed group creating a Rusyn youth organization for North America needs your help!

Young Rusyns in Slovakia have their Association of Rusyn Youth of Slovakia, those in Serbia have Pakt Rutenorum, in Poland, Jar'/Spring and in Ukraine, Youth of Subcarpathia...and now it's time for North America to join them.

Right now we are trying to identify as many young Rusyns throughout the United States and Canada as possible to get a feel for the audience our organization will address.

You don't have to be of Rusyn ethnicity or descent - the only requirement for membership is that you be under the age of 30, and interested in the Rusyn people.

Aside from a national organization, which would publish a magazine and create a website, as well as link us with the World Forum of Rusyn Youth in Europe, we are also planning local chapters around North America. These local chapters will run regular programs, such as Rusyn happy hours, film/video screenings, and more!

Young members of the Carpatho-Rusyn Society, the Rusyn Association of North America, the Rusin Association of Minnesota and other Rusyn organizations in North America are particularly encouraged to reply.

If all this sounds interesting, please send an email to RusynYouthNA@aol.com as soon as you can � and be sure to include your name, age and postal address. Be sure to mention any special skills you might be willing to contribute. We'll send off an information packet ASAP!

The Rusyn Youth Planning Committee