Declaration of the First World Forum of Rusyn Youth

We young Rusyns, who have met in the context of the 7th World Congress of Rusyns in Presov at the first historic World Forum of Rusyn Youth on 8 June 2003 in the historic hall of the Aleksander Duhnovyc Theatre, hereby declare:

We proudly align ourselves and are aware of the fact that we belong to the separate Rusyn nation, which henceforth has its own World Council of Rusyn Youth and thereby sets forth on a new path in the history of the Rusyn movement.

We want to live with all other nations in the states in which we live in community and peace and in democratic conditions.

We declare 23 August of each year the Day of Young Rusyns in honor of the founding of the preparatory committee for the World Forum of Rusyn Youth.

We do not want to be nationalists, but want to be devoted sons and daughters of our nation and to work for its good.

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