Ruske Slovo: From the Editor: To Know, and To Be Able

In his letter from the editor, Ljubomir Rama� takes up two issues chairman of the Commission for Information of the Skup�tina (Assembly) of the AP Vojvodina �or�e Suboti� recently pointed out concerning the media: the need to involve more young people in the media, and self-censorship among journalists.

On the surface, the first problem is not so urgent in the Rusyn-language media. Young Rusyns are clearly interested in journalism, as evidenced by the enormous response to the recently-founded Novi MAK. However, Ruske Slovo (and other media outlets throughout the province) are finding it impossible to hire "young blood" due to a lack of funding. The majority of Vojvodinian minority media is funded by the provincial Skup�tina.

Turning his attention to self-censorship, Rama� writes that this is a "remnant of recent times" which is "difficult to correct" in journalists who have been working in the field for decades. It is worthwhile to point out self-censorship among journalists is a problem common to virtually all Central and Eastern European societies in transition.

However, Ramač sees the two issues as being intertwined. Training young people in the ways of "real" journalism will not only get them more involved in the media, but will also offer a major opportunity to combat self-censorship, since training new journalists is easier than trying to break the bad habits of older ones. However, none of this is possible without additional funding.

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