Novi MAK: Rock�n�Roll na Humnje

Ivan Sabado��s �Rock�n�Roll na Humnje,� from MAK�s third issue, discusses Ruski Kerestur�s punk rock movement in the early 1990s.

�Insofar as punk defines itself as an allergic reaction to negative socio-economic tremors which happen at some time or another in every society, I maintain that our dear Kerestur, at least as far as this question goes, at that time for the first and last time took a step with the normal world, although similar events in the west took place already in the middle of the seventies. For example, the last few years the highest quality punk scene has been in Brazil and Argentina,� he writes.

The Kerestur punk scene began with the band YuckFou, followed by bands like SMZ and The Aids. Short-lived bands appeared one after another, involving many of the same performers. Sabado� points out that the scene originated with young people simply having fun, and was �no sort of organized movement, or a revolt or a political act.�

He believes the punks would have lost interest in the music and the scene would have died a natural death quite quickly. However, Sabado� credits the scene�s longevity to the local and Rusyn media, which whipped up a major controversy.

The last great Kerestur punk band was �Stativa!� This band succeeded in releasing a CD, called �Slu�aj lakovernog detlica,� which was recorded in Kula. On the track list were three punk of Rusyn folk songs.

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