Besida: Jak sja nam �krutil� fil�m o akcyi �Visla'

Andrzej Kopcza describes his work on a low-budget independent film about Akcija Wisla in Poland. Kopcza wanted to finish the film for the 50th anniversary of Akcija Wisla, in 1997. By July of that year, he had cameraman, actors (all Lemkos from the Lemko theatre in Legnica) and was ready to film. However, that summer saw a major flood across southern Poland, which made filming impossible.

Years later, around the time of the 55th anniversary of Akcija Wisla, he returned to the idea. He was unable to gather enough funding, but the Stovaryshynia Lemkiv allowed him to borrow a portion of the budget for that year's Vatra festival. Filming began on 1 July 2002 and by 13 July nearly enough footage had been shot. The major problem now is that the scenes depicting the Lemkos' resettlement have not been shot, along several other scenes requiring numerous extras.

At: Lemko.org

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