World Congress of Rusyns continues its work

SIGHETU, 23 June 2007 (RuthenPress) – With the reading of a letter of greetings from the Prime Minster of Romania and a welcoming speech by Sighetu Marmaţiei mayor Eugenii Godza, the plenary meeting of delegates and guests of the 9th World Congress of Rusyns began.

The World Congress began on 21 June with the arrival of delegates and guests from ten countries: Hungary, Poland, the United States and Canada, Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia and the Czech Republic. The official work of the congress began with an exhibition of photographs and promotions for books in the Romanian language by Paul Robert Magocsi and Marija Mal’covska. The working part of the congress yesterday evening ended with a meeting of the World Council of Rusyns.

This afternoon, presentations by all nine delegations which are participating at the congress brought news of their activities since the last congress. Everyone has experienced problems in their work, but the fact that “the Rusyn movement is experiencing a renaissance” is unavoidable.

At today’s plenary meeting, representative of the delegation of Rusyns from Serbia, Djura Papuga, suggested that Ruski Kerestur host the 10th World Congress of Rusyns in two year’s time. The final decision will be made on Saturday, 21 June.

At the same time, delegates of the Congress adopted official symbols for Rusyns. They adopted a flag, coat of arms and for the hymn adopted Dukhnovych’s song “Rusnak.”

Part of today’s program for the afternoon, guests and participants of the Congress will travel out on a several-hour visit to four Rusyn villages in Maramures. They are expected to visit Bistrij, Kruchuniv, Vishnja Rivna and Tisa.

Of the events that have already taken place, the ecumenical service for participants in the Congress must be mentioned, along with the literary and musical program that will be held tonight with performances by guests from Slovakia, Croatia and Romania.

Tomorrow, the Congress continues its work with reports on the activities of the sections as well as a meeting of the World Forum of Rusyn Youth. The same day in the center of Sighetu a memorial plaque will be unveiled to commemorate the Orthodox Rusyns who were victims of judicial processes in 1913-1914.

In the morning, elections to the World Council of Rusyns will be held, and the Resolution of the 9th World Congress of Rusyns will be passed. A special program will be held Saturday evening to award the Aleksander Dukhnovych Prize for Literature.

The Congress ends its work on Sunday, 24 June, with a meeting of the newly-elected World Council of Rusyns.

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