Summer in Kerestur

The Vojvodina Rusyns’ youth organization Pakt Ruthenorum is organizing ”Summer in Kerestur,” an international summer camp in Ruski Kerestur, Serbia, from 17 to 30 July.

“We want to entice as many young people in Kerestur as possible. Recently, we had the first promotional party for the camp, and soon this will be included in the activities of
Volunteer Center Vojvodina, which is the camp’s main organizer,” Pakt Ruthenorum member Saso Paljenkas told the Rusyn press agency Ruthenpress.

Young people from 15 countries are expected to participate, and the camp will be conducted also in cooperation with local municipalities, institutions and individuals. Participants are not required to stay all 15 days, but are encouraged to participate as much as possible.

If you want more information and you’ve got international long distance, call Vladimir Nad’ Acim at 064-618-21-24 or Igor Varga at 064-183-92-97. Otherwise you can email
Saso Paljenkas.

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