Jurij Venelin

A street in Sofia, Bulgaria, is named after Jurij Venelin, a Rusyn who was the first to prove that the Bulgarians were in fact Slavs.

Venelin was also recently featured in the Journal of Slovene Studies in Raymond H. Miller's paper "
Venelin and the Slovenes." Venelin was also the first to call the Slovenes "Slovenes." Previously, they were known by local ethnonyms like Carinthians (Korosci) and Carniolans (Kranjci).

Here's a
blog entry from the France Preseren Society for the Promotion of Contacts between Slovenia and Russia about the role of Venelin in Slovene history.


Anonymous said...

Carintians(Korosci) are residents of country called Carintia, and Carniolans (Krajnci) are residents in country called Carniola.

Slavs (Slovenes), were just one of residents in Carniola (upper Sava valley)and Carinthia (upper Drava valley).
Carinthia and Carniola are geographic names of upper Sava and upper Drava valley. Slovenes are name one of ethnic group of people, which live there.
But there live also Italians, retoromanes, Germanes(Baviarinas and east Gotsche), Gypsies, and peobobly some Albanians also.

But that is truth, that after defeat of Avstro-Hungarn monarsht and ottoman Turky in Balkan in WWI.
And when after WWII, there came Red Army, and Titios partisans, took there ower government Slovene communion party and created Republik Slovenia there. Which became in 1991 independent state.
AS Italians and Germans were considured defited people in WWII.

But carniaola and carinhia is geographic name, and Slovene is ethno name for some people and language of that people. and meen litteraly Slavs.

Localis Humanis said...

Slovenes are race of people,
which is different race than Italians(romanes) and Germans, and Hungarians.
And Slovenes speak Slovene language, they have they own langauge.
Carinthia was middle age duchy also Carniola was middle age duchy.
and both are mountain or hill basins, and are geographic term.
Slovenes are not Geographic term.

Black sea disigning said...

Red army and Titos partisans, have chased Germans and Ialians all up to the river Sava and Drava to throu tham on the other side of the Alps. So what have reached Red Army and Titos partisnas, than became Republik Slovenia. What have reached British and Americans, there could Germans and Italians remigned.
That is legacy of WWI and WII markation. And where wining pwers aloud that some people can remign after WWII and where not. But ineresting is similarity: Some Slovenes with that term lived in upper Volga river, and Bulgarians in more Lower Volga river.
And if you go up of Dunabe river where you reach Karpati , and high Tatre mauntains is Slovenko(Slovekia), and where you reach Alps if you go up od Sava river, there you have today Slovensko(Slovenia). And Bulgaria down the river Dunabe.

Localis Humanis said...

There were in middle age I think, in times of so called Bogomili, or something like that, and some persecutions, when some Bolgars cemt to Carinthia basin, and they went also down to Italy, Soca valley. How much I know history.
There were some migrations of Bulgars also here yes in middle age.
I also heard a teory that Slovenes and Bulgars are acctualy the same people and that Srbs and Croats are like some thing between tham.
But how much I know, today the most common last name is in that state Novak, what is the same as in Poland and czech Republik.
and than are names like in Coatia and Srbia. And also other Slavis names like Russian and Ukrain. So I dont thing that is such a big procent of acctualy Bulgars, or descandents of Bulgars. But probobly is also descandents of Bolgars also there. Is the same river up of Dunabe River and Republik Slovenia and Macedonia were the same state Yugoslvia. If Macedonians are considured also Bulgarians, I dont know.

Anonymous said...

Josip broz Tito and co. tyed to creat also South Slavic federation also with Bolgaria. But that never happened in practice. Bolgaria remigned in Warshaw pact and Yugoslvia in non-alegement movement.