Atila Kova�

After Andy Warhol, the best-known gay Rusyn is quite possibly Atila Kova�, who made news in Yugoslavia and throughout Eastern and Central Europe in the fall of 2001 when he launched De�ko, Serbia�s first monthly mainstream gay magazine.

Kova�, who is of Rusyn and Hungarian ethnicity, has become better known to Serbia's Rusyn community primarily through the magazine Novi MAK, which ran an interview with him in its second issue.

He holds a degree in theatre, film, radio and television directing from the University of Novi Sad. Among his professional experience is work with operas and theatres in Novi Sad, and five years spent with TV Novi Sad. In January 2000, he was among the organizers of the first conference on sexual minorities in Yugoslavia.

Interview with Kova� in Serbian

and another in Rusyn

and an article about De�ko from Transitions On Line.

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